An Ocean Apart 
Works in response to the Mayflower 400.

I am exploring the subject of migration and what it means to leave one’s home because one feels it is the best or only solution in a response to a particular set of circumstances.  I am exploring perhaps one of the most famous and best-known migrants the ‘Pilgrim Fathers’ those 102 individuals who set sail on the Mayflower from Britain to the New World in 1620. 

It is an irony that there is more information on many of the pilgrims ‘than the many thousands of displaced persons who travel across the globe seeking security. The Pilgrim Fathers are held in high regard he forbears of democracy and are probably not considered to be migrants by today’s standards. Many of the issues that persuaded or provoked their long and dangerous journey is shared by migrants today. So too are the difficult circumstances on arrival and sadly the disappointment and frustrations of ones dreams not always being fully realised
I intend to explore the personal experiences of who journeyed on the Mayflower. I shall use a variety of mediums to understand the human dimension the aspects that have either been ignored, dismissed or considered to be less interesting or significant.  By examining the personal, insight into the magnitude of the actions taken becomes apparent and even more remarkable than our history books would have us believe.
I first became interested in these themes several years ago with works created under the title  'Not Home ‘. see below for examples. Today more than ever we can recognise the ties that link our current situation with those pilgrims of 400 years ago, something I have reflected on in an article called 'The Mayflower, Pandemics and Us' which can be downloaded here >