I live in the most wonderful place to be a painter next to the River Dart between the stunning coastline and the amazing expanse of the open landscape of Dartmoor.  I have always painted but since moving to Devon twelve years ago two factors influenced the nature of my work by changing my relationship with the landscape. I have become a dog owner of two rather enthusiastic lurchers as well spending many hours on the Dart in a small boat.


Being immersed in the landscape has influenced and developed my approach to painting. I have been moving from the more representative to the more abstract. I will make studies whilst out often in a short time (lurchers tend to be impatient of artistic endeavours). A great advantage of such an approach is it facilitates recording the aspect you were drawn to and abstracting what it is you most want to say and express. Important as drawing and sketches are so are the written notes on colour, weather, atmosphere and how it felt to be there.


 My current landscape work could be described as abstract expressionist. I very much enjoy painting on large canvasses in oils and equally enjoy doing much smaller work on board and paper using an array of materials including watercolours, collage and inks.  I am excited by both the quality of marks made and by the use of colour to capture the essence of a landscape but equally the experience of having been there.


I have shown widely throughout the South West, exhibiting in both solo and group shows. I have recently had work accepted by the Society of Woman Artists and the Royal West of England Academy.